Pauline Robinson, Owner and CEO of Curvaceous Styles, understands that beauty, or feeling beautiful, is a large contributor to a woman's self esteem. This idea is the foundation of what Curvaceous Styles is today: a plus-sized line for women who want to look and feel beautiful in clothes that FIT.

The Name

"Curvaceous" embodies confidence and sex appeal, two things that significantly boost a woman's self esteem. We want our clients to experience something beyond fashion; to bridge the connection between fashion and a heightened sense of being. You are curvaceous and we welcome YOU!

"Styles" represents our commitment to fashion. We intentionally pluralized the word to also represent our variety, from professional clothing to looking sexy in the city. Curvaceous Styles is a one stop shop for what our clients need.

Our Mission

1. To be a leader in providing fashionable clothing for plus sized women.
2. To offer a full customer service experience for each client, from greeting you upon entrance to assisting you in fitting and tailoring your outfit to perfection
3. To create a welcoming environment for our clients to feel as though they're where they belong.

Our Vision

1. To build a business that empowers plus sized women to embrace themselves and restore self-esteem and self-respect
2. To expand Curvaceous Styles beyond the realm of fashion and into other avenues that support plus sized women (fitness and nutrition, mentorship, etc)

Our Values

At Curvaceous Styles we value:

• Empowerment
• Support systems
• Quality
• Fashion
• Customer service
• Community involvement
• Diversity


Plus-size clothing and fashion in Bramalea City Centre in Brampton. Serving Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon, Milton, Oakville, and Toronto.